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One of the common mistakes teachers make that keep them feeling stressed and overwhelmed, is spending hours of their free time planning lessons.  Why not have your Lessons planned and done for you?  This condensed Course on Nutrition and Nutrients will teach your students the main Nutrients and their benefits, also what to consider when meal planning.  Here are some benefits . . .

  • Reclaim back your time.  All the Lessons are done for you.  Just press Play, Pause and Stop!
  • Enhance your teaching with this education resource and still teach how you do.
  • The colourful, vibrant images will help keep your students’ attention.
  • The Lessons can accelerate teaching, learning and results as you can use them for revision, tests, cover and regular classroom teaching.
  • This Course can be used over and over again, it’s yours!  Repetition is the mother of learning and don’t we know that as Teachers!